Our Board

Our Executive Board is tasked with the duties and responsibilities to make sound decisions for the fiscal, organizational and fiduciary goals of the organization. Our Executive Board members are not compensated for their positions nor receive any financial rewards for their duties. We are dedicated to assisting the families of first responders who have been killed or critically injured on or off duty. We understand and have experienced first hand the tragic loss and financial burdens that accompanies these situations. We do what we do based upon brotherhood and the need to take care of our own! Below is a list of our Executive Board members and their duties and responsibilities. Should you need to contact a board member, please send them an e-mail. Should you have a general question about the organization, please e-mail our board at getbehindthebadge@gmail.com and we will respond within 24 hours.

Founders: Angie McDowell - Eric Brill - Spencer Salyers - Tammy Berk


jesse hackney



staci brining


sue richison

Financial Secretary


Reneé haley

Recording Secretary / Licking County Liaison


carl ‘butch’ richison

Delware County Liaison


mike dorsey

Fire Liaison


Spencer Salyers

Board Member