Get Behind The Badge is currently chartered to assist first responders in Franklin, Delaware, Fairfield, Licking, Madison, Pickaway and Union Counties (Central Ohio). These chartered counties are eligible for an immediate Line of Duty Death (LODD) Benefit that fits the PSOBA Guidelines.

Part of the charitable mission of Get Behind The Badge is to assist first responders with any financial hardships due to death, injury or illness that have occurred on or off duty. Get Behind The Badge will assist any first responder and/or their families throughout the State of Ohio by holding a fundraising event.

For more info about Get Behind The Badge's charitable mission, please contact us at

Get Behind The Badge also supports First Responders with financial sponsorships for sporting activites, memorial and monument expenses, scholarships and endowments. For more info about requesting a sponsorship, email us at

*All campaigns are subject to rules and regulations set forth by the GBTB executive board. All rules and regulations will be discussed upon request. For further details, contact us at 614-715-4282 or at


  • Death must have occurred on-duty or be duty related.

  • Death must meet Federal PSOB guidelines.

  • Must be a full-time, part-time, reserve or volunteer law enforcement or fire personnel as defined by ORC.

  • Must be employed by a municipality, township, city, county, state or federal agency. (No private agencies or security companies).

  • Must be a full time special agent with the ATF, FBI or DEA.

  • Must be within chartered areas set forth by GBTB.


  • The financial hardship can be an injury, death or illness that has occurred on or off duty.

  • The financial hardship must affect a first responder and/or their immediate family member (spouse or children).

  • GBTB will assist the requestor with coordinating a fundraising campaign chosen by the family. Contact us at

  • For assistance please contact us at 614-715-4282 or complete and submit our "Assistance Request Form" and e-mail to

  • We will respond within 48 hours and provide you with further instructions.

  • All matters, criteria, benefit amounts and regulations subject to change without notice. For current information, please contact us at 614-715-4282 or .